So Autumn is kind of here, for me it means some great gigs (selected) before run of to live in Los Angeles for the winter.
- September 10th Panorama Bar with Michael Mayer, Tale Of Us, Mathias Aguayo.
-September 23th, Superbacon at Club Stereo, Nurnberg
- September 30th Christiania 40th Anniversary, Copenhagen.
- Oktober 7th, Aiaiai/Soupkitchen, Cph with Art Department and Kenton Slash Demon
- October 29th Fabric with Michael Mayer
- November 4th Cologne with Shumi
- November 5th Kuppel, Basel with homie Kasper Bjørke
- November 12th SWU festival, Sao Paulo with James Murphy, Frankie Knuckles

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Tomas Barfod

"Barfod was first exposed to the indefinable lure of the electronic music scene not by clubbing (that came later), or by specific acts, but by a long-forgotten film featuring a section set in a club..."

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